Toyota Safety Sense™: More Driver Assists for Your Drive

April 8th, 2021 by

Four Toyota models in a lineup showcasing Toyota Safety Sense™ capabilities

Toyota Safety Sense: More Driver Assists for Your Drive

Toyota Safety Sense: Never Compromise on Confidence

Did you just buy a sleek and chiseled Toyota but find yourself questioning, “What is Toyota Safety Sense™?” Not to worry, as these systems are super-easy to use and make cruising securely one of the easiest parts of your drives. Stick with us as we take a closer look at these individual systems—and don’t forget to stop by Rountree Moore Toyota in Lake City to test drive any Toyota models with these safety features installed and feel for yourself how they will upgrade your commutes and road trips.

Safety Made Easy: All for Extra-Epic Drives

With Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), fender benders feel far less likely with Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, which is a camera and radar system that warns you upon detecting obstacles ahead (like slow cars or people crossing the road). When you’re cruising at city speeds and don’t react to the warnings, your Toyota model will even automatically hit the brakes for you to help you avoid a frontal collision.

When it’s time to hit the highways, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist helps you know when you accidentally leave your lane to assist you in avoiding cutting off other vehicles or sideswipes. For even more guidance, turn on Steering Assist, and you’ll even feel gentle tugs to help you re-center for smoother cruising.

When the sun sets, no need to play around with your lighting—your Toyota model handles the work for you with Automatic High Beams, which not only power on without your input but can also detect your environment, and power off as a courtesy to oncoming vehicles. Take a drive during any time, and Road Sign Assist works to detect speed limits, stop signs, Do Not Enter signs, yield signs, and much more and displays the info in your instrument cluster to help you always stay informed.

Meet Your New Cruise Control: Convenience Maximized

Forget boring old cruise control and try out Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, which allows you to set a speed and distance from other vehicles ahead—your Toyota vehicle then takes control of your acceleration and automatically slows down for traffic in front of you. Add Lane Tracing Assist to the mix, and your ride will even read lane markers to help you ride within the lines and cruise safely and relaxed—even during rush hour.

Which Toyota Models Have Toyota Safety Sense?

Most vehicles from the current model year equip you with Toyota Safety Sense—which means you can cruise securely in nearly any ride you choose. From the sleek and sporty-looking Toyota Camry to the Fuel Cell EV 2021 Mirai—you can drive with safety every mile of the way. Even if you crave rides in something rugged like a Toyota Tacoma for hitting the trails or a 2021 4Runner for the most adventure-driven SUV on the block, you can still let Toyota Safety Sense™ guide you.

Let the Safe Rides Begin: Visit Rountree Moore Toyota Today

Ready to embark on exhilarating rides that never compromise on safety? Stop by Rountree Moore Toyota near Gainesville today to test drive a Toyota model packing Toyota Safety Sense—and feel how your drives can feel more convenient than ever thanks to these safety features. As your local Toyota dealership near High Springs, we’re also here to work our hardest to address your needs—let us know what you’re looking for in your cruises, and we’ll work hard to find a Toyota vehicle with TSS that also fits your driving style.

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