Test Driving a Toyota Truck

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Test Driving a Toyota Truck

What to Look For When Test Driving a Car

See Yourself Behind the Wheel of Toyota Truck

The best way to determine which Toyota truck you need is a Toyota test drive at Rountree Moore Toyota in Lake City, FL. Stop by and get behind the steering wheel of a compact Tacoma pickup or a full-size Tundra.

Feel free to test drive any of our Certified Pre-Owned Toyota vehicles or any of our used vehicles—including our selection priced under $10K. We’ll help you keep your chosen vehicle in great shape with the RTM Toyota Advantage safety and appearance package that protects your investment.

Things to Look For When Test Driving a Car

When you’re buying a car, you need to make the most of your test drive. This applies whether you’re looking at new model year vehicles, Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, or used vehicles. The best way to start the buying process is by researching the car or truck you’re interested in online.

You can check our Rountree Moore Toyota website to do model research and figure out which vehicle best fits your lifestyle and budget. Then, learn about our Toyota finance options, and use our Payment Calculator, Free Credit Score rating, and 10 Second Trade Value tool.

Start the Test Drive Before You Leave the Lot

In the Lake City Florida area, the best Toyota dealer near you is Rountree Moore Toyota, where all you need for a test drive is your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and a desire to drive a high-quality Toyota. When you come in for your test drive, start your assessment before you get into the driver’s seat.

If you’re looking at an older car or truck, walk around the vehicle and examine the body for dents, rust, or other imperfections. If you’re looking at a new vehicle, check out unfamiliar convenience features like hands-free liftgates or remote door locks.

Check Performance and Ride Comfort

Once inside the vehicle, make sure the seats and cabin layout are comfortable and convenient. Next, look over the driver display to see if everything works, or on a new vehicle, ask about unfamiliar features like a Head-Up Display. Then, start the engine and pay attention to how it sounds, and if there are any troubling noises.

When you begin the actual test drive, drive on streets with stop-and-go traffic so you can evaluate the brakes, the handling on smooth and rough roads, and the steering and turning radius. Next, take the vehicle on a highway to see how it handles at high speeds, and to test out the driver assistance features.

Free Test Drives at Rountree Moore Toyota

As you pull back to the dealership, the last thing you’ll want to check is how easy it is to park the vehicle. Try pulling into a spot, backing into a spot, and parallel parking. This will tell you how the car maneuvers, and if there are any helpful parking assistance features.

After your test drive, make sure to ask our expert sales person about the warranty coverage and other benefits—like vehicle history reports and 24-hour roadside assistance—that come with the Certified Pre-Owned and used vehicles at Rountree Moore Toyota.

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